Locker Holders

Let Us Store Your Wine For You

Securely Store Your Bottles in the Locker Holder's Wine Cellar

Annual Locker Fee – The annual locker fee is $1,200.

Wine Lockers

Lockers have been installed for wine purchased from Buon Vino. The lockers hold around 12 bottles and each client can store an additional 12-24 bottles onsite. All white wines purchased at Buon Vino will be stored at temp and will be ready for consumption. Please feel free to call us to decant or chill a bottle of red in advance of your arrival.

Hours of Operation

Buon Vino is open to our Locker holders Wednesday – Friday from 4:30 - 7:30pm. From time to time we will host tastings during the week that begin at 6:30pm for all Buon Vino clients. Locker holders are welcome to come to those events or to use the space from 4:30 - 6pm on those nights.


Locker holders can invite guests to accompany them to the tasting room at any time. If you plan on inviting more than 4 people, please reach out to us in advance so that we can make sure we are prepared for your group. Guests will never be allowed to charge wine to your account without your approval. We also ask that if you invite guests you make sure you arrive prior to their arrival. If circumstances dictate and you will be late, please contact us to let us know to expect them.


Our goal is for every Locker holder to have a great time and enjoy amazing wine, friends and food. If you are ever in a situation where, in our opinion, you are unable to drive safely we will gladly get you a ride home at our cost.


One of the best benefits of being a Locker holder is getting to sample wines opened by fellow Locker holders. This is just a quick reminder that you have several options with regards to sharing wine.

  • You can elect to share your wine.
    If you do sample other people’s wines then please make sure you open something for them to share reasonably close in quality to what they have opened. Even if you plan to leave early, make sure you share if you are going to sample other people’s wines.
  • You can elect not to share your wine.
    If you would like to enjoy your bottle without sharing that is no problem at all. Please sit at one of the tables and not at the bar so that we know you plan to drink your wine with your group. Sharing is NOT mandatory. You only need to share if you are tasting other people’s wines.


From time to time Buon Vino will order food for special nights with Locker holders. We will email you to let you know when that will take place. If you would like to order food for delivery or bring it, you are welcome to do so. We can recommend a few local places or UberEats is a great option.

Wine Storage

You will have the ability to store 12 bottles of wine in cold storage at our new facility in Farmers Branch. We have a large wine refrigerator and we will mark your bottles and securely store them for you. This storage is only intended for bottles purchased through Buon Vino and for wines that need a little time to age. We are happy to get bottles from this facility and bring them to your Locker but will need 1 day advance notice.

Payment Date

In the past we offered monthly payments for Lockers, we are now going to switch to 1 annual payment to simplify the process. If you sign up for a Locker during the year, your Locker will be pro-rated to January of the following year.

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